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Rent Oconee Clarke, LLC. handles is a property management company located in Athens Georgia. We have a broad portfolio of Single Family Home Rentals, Townhome Rentals, Condo Rentals and Multifamily Complexes Rentals.

We can accommodate unique situations, both long and short term, and furnished and unfurnished units. If you need a place for Game Day give us a call. Do you have family coming to town and need more space? We can help out with that too.

Feel free to visit any of our agent websites to search available rental properties within Oconee county and Clarke County area.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with all your Real Estate needs. We work as a team so don’t hesitate to call anyone of us when a need or question arises.


Learn more about our community and other useful information whether your are looking to rent or become a renter.