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If you have never been to a SEC College Football Game, put it on your bucket list! There is nothing quite like it and UGA has arguably the nicest venue to experience, with close to 100,000 other fans. Year round, covering every sport from the Gym Dogs to the Equestrian Team you will always find avid fans and family friendly events to attend.

You can take your dog for a walk at the trails by the intramural fields, watch a Rugby match or cheer on the Lady Dogs at the top notch Fast Pitch Soft Ball Stadium. For those that have achieved the “senior citizen” status, you have the ability to take college courses, most for free, expand your knowledge and interact with the youth of America, the future leaders of our great nation. The resources available at the University of Georgia are vast and can be overwhelming at first, but you will find southern hospitality at every turn.

In the downtown area we have some of the finest local restaurants and music venues in the southeast. The Classic Center continually brings in excellent shows and exhibitions for everyone to enjoy. For a truly unique experience and great food, stop by “The Grill” on College Ave. at 3-4 in the morning. Now that is entertainment! Another classic dining spot that has endured the test of time is “The Gyro Wrap”, excellent food and a great selection of your favorite beverages. There is a place for everyone no matter what your taste buds are yearning for.

After my UGA experience in the late 70’s and early 80’s I moved around the country, living in Tulsa, Denver and Bergen County, New Jersey. When it was time to settle down and raise a family it was an easy decision to move back to Athens, GA. My wife and I moved back in 1988 just before our son was born. Our daughter came along in 1990. We enjoyed raising our children here in the Athens area and have fond memories from the past 20+ years. Living near UGA has been a great experience for the whole family and we don’t regret our decision to move back one bit!


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